: Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology. Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek The Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute put out a press release last month of their newly published study in the Journal of  Public Health and Epidemiology. Click here for the full study. Every parent must read this before vaccinating anymore children. This study […]

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CBD Clinic in South Florida Can Effectively Treat Cancerous Growths

Due to the continual studies and eventual legalization of cannabis, people now understand its medicinal value. When compared to tetrahydrocannabinol, Cannabinoids comprise of lesser psychoactive elements. It provides beneficial health effects and for this reason, scientists are conducting more research for ascertaining its features. A positive attribute is that these naturally occurring plant extracts can […]

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Marijuana’s Medicinal Value Vindicated Once Again, This Time For The Elderly

Researchers from Tel Aviv University say that smoking a little marijuana could help provide dramatic relief for the elderly who suffer from a variety of chronic ailments. The scientists tested the effects of marijuana treatment on 19 residents of the Hadarim nursing home in Israel. During the study, the participants reported dramatic physical results, including […]

What would it be like…

I’ve been seeing so many cancer patients, I know how it feels to have that big word become synonymous with their names… as if its a degree like MD or PhD.

Yet, even if i know, its still different when you are the one with cancer. I dare not say its easy to have cancer, though I know those who survive it do so because they know it’s not them. They are not cancer, rather they have cancer and what you have, you can “un-have.”

Those who get past the diagnosis faster, seems to get better quicker. Those who change their priorities to include their own self-growth, seems to survive longer or even thrive better.